About Tergo Solutions

Tergo Solutions is a specialist company offering environmentally-friendly cost effective cleaning solutions to both the Public and Private Sectors.

Across the UK and Ireland, we operate completely mobile and environmentally friendly cleaning units from our specially customised vans. Our units work completely independently providing their own power, water supply and all the  necessary equipment to carry out any cleaning project.

We are always looking at ways to develop and enhance our service to our customers, which is why Tergo only have the latest & best equipment available. We have recently invested in a wash water recycler, this equipment is at the very forefront of cleaning technology. As well as offering highly sophisticated functionality, it also has the additional benefits of reducing water usage by reclaiming and reusing up to 95% of its water.

Tergo can provide a solution to fulfil any cleaning requirement, whether it be the removal of chewing gum or graffiti, the cleaning of hard surfaces, or the surface restoration of historic buildings.

Tergo solutions is one of the leading providers of environmentally-sound external cleaning solutions in the UK & Ireland.  With a passion for excellence, quality and the environment, Tergo solutions uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure that the cleaning process is carried out without using any harmful substances or causing damage from any of our processes.

For further information or to find out how Tergo solutions Maintenance Contracts can be tailored for your needs please phone us or fill out our enquiry form, found here on our Contact page.