Antifoul Removal

There are many reasons why our service is so important, but mainly it’s all about peace of mind, knowing that we only use the best equipment, our world patented equipment, and fully trained operatives, your investment will be cleaned gently, professionally and with minimal impact upon our environment.

If you happen to be lucky enough to own a boat why not let us strip off your old anti-foul. Using no more than fine volcanic sand and a little water we leave the Gel-coat untouched,  whilst you spend time at home with the family or playing that elusive game of golf that you never seem able to squeeze in?

Why is Tergo Solutions the best choice? The system we use was designed by a Yachtsman specifically to remove antifoul coatings from boats.

Introduced to the marine industry in 1998 it quickly developed a reputation for leaving the underlying hull free from damage and amazingly clean.

Covered by worldwide patents, the key to it is the mix of heated water and pumice. The energy from the heat helps ease the old coatings from the hull, allowing much reduced blast pressures so it’s gentle yet efficient.

There are four different grades of volcanic sand so we have infinite control over the heated mix  and we can tailor the system to suit your surface. Our method can be used to blast years of growth and rust from steel plate but can be adjusted to gently take the label off an aluminium drinks can. We have the precision control to tackle the job.

Why remove the old Antifoul? Increase speed and reduce fuel consumption.

As antifoul layers build up the surface becomes more and more uneven. This is not only unsightly, it effects the hull’s efficiency. Make your boat like new by stripping back to the gelcoat, then adding a smooth, even coat of brand new antifouling.

Applying Epoxy or Copper Antifouling to your hull

10 year, copper type antifouling solutions are all epoxy based and require a clean hull, as do gel shields used as osmosis barriers. Since epoxy cannot be applied over old antifouling, the boat must be cleaned back to the bare hull.

Going to Dry Stack

Your boat deserves to look her best, and as you no longer need antifoul in dry stack, why not remove that unsightly old coating?

Why not remove it myself? You can  – and will be much harder work than you anticipate. A number of boats we see have been started by the owner before he calls in the experts in desperation.