Artificial Sports Surface Cleaning

Artificial Sports Surfaces are often subject to heavy use and the elements causing them to look dull and dirty.  Obscured lane markings and boundaries can make for a poor customer experience.

The good news is that our specialist cleaning systems can rejuvenate artificial sports tracks without the use of abrasives or chemicals harmful to the track surface, or the local environment which an important consideration with public spaces.

Our high pressure steam equipment can remove the ravages of leaves and other debris that clog up the pores of the track and make it look dull and slippery to use.

All dirt and debris is vacuumed back to a special containment unit ready for safe disposal. We are able to work around your timetable, even at night, to ensure minimal disruption to your sports track.

Our cleaning equipment is suitable for:

  • Cleaning Running Tracks
  • Cleaning Athletics Tracks
  • Cleaning Tennis Courts
  • Cleaning Artificial Sports Tracks
  • Cleaning All Weather Sports Areas