Surface Protection

We can offer various Hard Surface Protection products, we only use market leading quality product treatments manufactured and tested to high standards.  Our products are solvent free impregnation suitable for all types of porous applications for example, buildings, public realm street scape environments and historical monuments.

Our solvent free impregnation will not alter the surface appearance and is manufactured to protect from excessive staining whilst assisting with ongoing daily maintenance cleaning regimes.

Our High performance surface treatments provide a shield against food staining, grease penetration, oil, diesel, algae and moss formation, and can help with reducing chewing gum adhesion. The application will prolong surface life, maintains aesthetics, and allows the surface to be cleaned more efficiently and much higher standards can be maintained.

Protection of Natural Stone and Concrete Pavements and Floors against staining by grease, oil, fats, fast food, tyre rubber, footwear marks and normal pavement grime.

The Advantages

  • highly oil repellent
  • no reduction in slip resistance
  • prevents dirt and stains including chewing gum adhering to the surface
  • resists moss and lichen formation
  • no change of colour or surface texture
  •  water based technology. No waxes, silicon or resin

How it Works

Our products  bonds tenaciously within the pores beneath a pavement surface, forming a transparent and breathable, highly resilient subsurface system to which oil, grease and dirt, even chewing gum, are unable to adhere strongly. This creates an “Easy to Clean” pavement surface through which moisture vapour can pass normally.

The surface retains its original appearance and there is no patchy discolouration after rain.

Slip/Skid values are not adversely affected. No waxes, silicon or resins are used.

The surface is simply easier to clean, reducing long term maintenance costs.

Regular cleaning using a sustainable maintenance regime that can be provided by Tergo Solutions will keep your surface clean and tidy for longer and will help reduce long term maintenance costs.

We can provide a range of protection products for a wide range of surfaces contact us and  we be only glad to help.