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Industrial Cleaning

by / Sunday, 22 December 2013 / Published in Latest posts, Tergo Solutions

Many factories and manufacturing sites become encased in oil, dirt and grime. Tergo Solutions can carry out a complete clean of the building, factory floor, working areas, external surfaces removing oil, fuel and stains.

Using our state of art equipment all oil, dirt and grime stains are easily washed away.  This is a vital service for any Factory.

More modern commercial and particularly industrial buildings use aluminium or plastic coated cladding. It’s quick to build and provides excellent weather protection for the underlying structure.

The effects of local pollution and moss can make buildings look unattractive and can even affect the rental yield or sale price.

We can use our systems to improve the buildings appearance and help improve rentals or increase the sale price without the time and expense of replacing the cladding.