Environmental Policy

This Environmental Policy sets out the main environmental aims of the company, and provides a framework for setting environmental objectives.

The Managing Director with his Management Team, are responsible for regularly reviewing this policy, and ensuring that appropriate resources are provided to enable its effective implementation.

Policy Statement

Tergo Solutions realises that it can only remain successful if its activities and its products reflect the environmental attitudes of society.

Environmental issues and society’s values will be taken into account in the future development and planning of the company.

To this end we will:

Conduct our operations in such a way to have minimum adverse impact on the environment.

Strive to purchase cleaning materials that can be used, and disposed of responsibly.

Promote the use of cleaning materials that can be recycled where possible, and which can be used in an energy-efficient way.

Plan to conserve energy by the efficient use of our equipment.

Favour suppliers who are committed to sustainable environmental improvement.

Identify harmful processes and materials and work towards their elimination or replacement.

Work towards the prevention of pollution in air, land and water.

Ensure responsible and ethical disposal of any waste products.

Train our employees in environmental issues relating to their day to day work and encourage them to care for our community.

Encourage our employees to make suggestions on how our environmental performance can be improved.

To investigate the feasibility of influencing its suppliers, customers and third parties with consideration to life cycle impacts of their aspects and activities.

The company is committed to comply with all Environmental Legislation applicable, to the setting of environmental objectives, the working towards achieving these objectives on an ever improving basis and reviewing these on a regular basis at management meetings. This policy shall be communicated to all employees and made available to the public and via our company web site.

Barry Tinnelly

Managing Director

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