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Tergo can provide a solution to fulfil any cleaning requirement, whether it be the removal of chewing gum or graffiti, the cleaning of hard surfaces, or the surface restoration of historic buildings.

Tergo solutions is one of the leading providers of environmentally-sound external cleaning solutions in the UK & Ireland.  With a passion for excellence, quality and the environment, Tergo solutions uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure that the cleaning process is carried out without using any harmful substances or causing damage from any of our processes.

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Chewing Gum Removal2022-09-02T13:02:07+01:00

Tergo Solutions chewing gum cleaner is designed to quickly remove chewing gum and many kinds of other stains, dirt and unwanted material in an environmentally friendly way. There is no freezing or scraping techniques involved with the Tergo system and no disruption to normal public or employee activity.

A fully portable machine, it requires only an electrical supply and can be easily used in public places with no inconvenience or danger to the public while in its process of removing chewing gum.

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Graffiti Removal2022-09-02T13:09:23+01:00

Graffiti attracts more graffiti unless it is removed promptly.

Avoid an area turning into a graffiti hot spot. The quicker it is removed, the better. If left, for perhaps weeks or even months the solvent will dry into the pores of the brick, becoming more difficult to remove.

At Tergo Solutions we offer a fast and efficient graffiti removal service.

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Artificial Sports Surface Cleaning2022-09-02T12:58:54+01:00

Artificial Sports Surfaces are often subject to heavy use and the elements causing them to look dull and dirty.  Obscured lane markings and boundaries can make for a poor customer experience.

The good news is that our specialist cleaning systems can rejuvenate artificial sports tracks without the use of abrasives or chemicals harmful to the track surface, or the local environment which an important consideration with public spaces.

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Historical Buildings Cleaning2022-09-02T13:15:21+01:00

We often work on listed building and heritage projects in conjunction with specialist builders and building renovation businesses as a sub-contractor and part of larger projects and we’re happy to quote for work on this basis or to work alone.

These include:

  • Churches & Places of Worship
  • Historical Buildings
  • Monuments & Statues
  • High Street Shop Fronts
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Industrial, Commercial & Public Spaces2022-08-31T16:30:34+01:00

Many public spaces and workplaces become encased in oil, dirt, contaminants and grime. Tergo Solutions can carry out a complete clean of the building, factory floor, working areas, external surfaces removing oil, fuel and stains.

Using our state of art equipment all oil, dirt and grime stains are easily washed away.  This is a vital service for any factory.

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Road, Car Park & Signage Cleaning2022-09-02T13:21:57+01:00

From the kerbs of parking bays to stairwells to Motorway signs we can restore every surface to their original state.

Our fully equipped mobile pressure steam cleaning vans are the ideal solution for car parks and road sides whether private or council run. We provide one-off, periodic and emergency cleans of all areas of the car park from the bays themselves to the stairwells and hidden corners that simply accumulate grime and rubbish over time.

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Hard Surface Protection2022-09-02T12:58:23+01:00

We can offer various Hard Surface Protection products, we only use market leading quality product treatments manufactured and tested to high standards.  Our products are solvent free impregnation suitable for all types of porous applications for example, buildings, public realm street scape environments and historical monuments.

Our solvent free impregnation will not alter the surface appearance and is manufactured to protect from excessive staining whilst assisting with ongoing daily maintenance cleaning regimes.

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